Sunday, June 04, 2006

Angel investors: How to write off a trip to Sun Valley

The following article about an upcoming "Best of the Best" Angel investor confab was posted on
“Angel investors” are a critical part of the funding ecosystem for young companies. Virtually every household name in the technology business (Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc.), for example, got off the ground due to angel investors. There are over 200 angel investment organizations throughout N. America. The largest of them all is called the Keiretsu Forum and has members ranging from the former head of Charles Schwab to numerous “serial entrepreneurs” who want to put their money to work in this exciting (and high risk) form of investing. Dave Chase, a Sun Valley-based tech industry veteran, SunValleyOnline blogger and Keiretsu Forum Seattle member conceived of the idea bringing the best angel investing opportunities from around the country to a forum in Sun Valley that the Keiretsu Forum leadership embraced. The event will take place just prior to the Allen & Company conference at the Sun Valley Lodge (July 6-9).

From the Keiretsu Forum’s release: “This July the Keiretsu Forum will host a special "Best of the Best" Keiretsu Forum weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho. Keiretsu Members and special guests will review presentations from the three "Best of the Best" portfolio prospects, enjoy an evening reception with a fireside chat with PC industry and venture philanthropy pioneer Paul Brainerd and a relaxing weekend of hiking, golf and guided fly fishing with fellow K4 Members from around the country.” The Keiretsu Forum is open to Accredited Investors. If you are an accredited investor interested in attending or joining the Keiretsu Forum, please contact SunValleyOnline ( specifying your desire to receive an invitation.

If you are an angel investor, I hope you can join us in Sun Valley and learn more about some hot young companies and the Keiretsu Forum.