Monday, April 04, 2005

What's Cellulose Ethanol & why should I care?

Given the rising demand curves for energy not to mention climate change issues, it's interesting to see startup activity addressing these issues. One of the efforts I'm excited about is Climate Solutions "Harvesting Clean Energy" program and related progress from companies they are helping to catalyze. Cellulose Ethanol is made from agriculture waste. While bio-fuels have been around for awhile, they are using the food product rather than the waste from farming. Iogen is on the cusp of building the first commercial scale production facility in Southern Idaho. Regardless of whether you are a "red" or a "blue", this is exciting to see. Check out articles related to this development.

North of Idaho, there are rumblings of Montana becoming the 3rd state (after Minnesota and Hawaii) to have a 10% ethanol requirement. One of the nice sidenotes is that it's a Republican-sponsored set of competing bills that have been catalyzed by a governor who is a Democrat.

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