Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Underdelivered VC cliche: Roll up our sleeves

Fred Wilson (a NY-based VC) highlights how most VCs talk a good game about rolling up their sleeves to help out their portfolio companies but few deliver. Fred makes a good case why he strives to be an exception. I've observed the exactly same thing. While I think most VCs have the best intentions, they simply don't have (or make) the bandwidth to really roll up their sleeves (between wading through their deal flow, board meetings, etc. they run out of time). This leaves an opportunity open for venture consultants like Altus Alliance. We've consistently found that entrepreneurs are willing to have venture consultants earn sweat equity by rolling up their sleeves whether it's to play an acting executive role such as a VP of Business Development/Sales or CFO. There's often a point where the founders are overwhelmed yet the time isn't right (or the funding isn't there yet) to hire a full complement of staff. In addition, the talent that is willing to work at a company at that stage is usually less experienced than what a strong venture consulting firm can offer.

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