Monday, May 29, 2006

Moving Memorial Day tribute

I read a moving Memorial Day tribute written by a friend of mine that I thought was worth sharing.
A United States Marine was laid to rest last week at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City, Nevada. He was an American hero. A World War II and Korean War veteran. He was a member of what Tom Brokaw calls the “Greatest Generation”. Private First Class, George Donald Lotz was a man I barely knew. This Marine was my father.
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The story gave me goose bumps. The stories of men like my friend's father are unimaginable. It’s hard to say anything more than a huge “Thank you” to them.

Something his father and vets like him may have found surprising was my experience when I lived in Japan as a kid (30+ years after the war). Countless times, older Japanese would walk up to me (seeing that I was an American) and simply say “thank you” which may have been the only English words they knew. At first I was confused why they were saying that to me until I asked some Japanese to explain. They were saying thank you to me as a representative of our country (albeit a 10 year old representative) for how we treated their country after a brutal war. Today, they are now among our best friends in the world due to how we treated them after victory. That was a part of what the men like my friend's dad fought for — demonstrating a humanity that many victors of past wars hadn’t shown.

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