Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favor: 2 minutes & $1 to help my company win a contest

Background: My startup has a goal to incorporate the most important member of the care team in healthcare into the care process. This person is frequently the most ignored member of the care team. I call them people/individuals. The healthcare system calls them "patients". When the patient is incorporated into the process, that's when the best outcomes happen (and significant money is saved). We've worked hard to make this happen and are getting some great recognition (features in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and a recent invitation to the White House). This has all been accomplished before taking a dime of outside money. If you are interested, follow the link in my auto-signature for some coverage we have received. We're at the early stages of the company but things are going very, very well - great customer response, etc..

There's a relatively new model of building support for a company that helps make prospective customers aware of a product you may have heard of -- crowdfunding. The most famous/successful of these is Kickstarter but they don't allow healthcare projects. So MedStartr has filled that void and is led by a seasoned veteran of healthcare and one of the key Kickstarter team members. We are excited to be one of the first projects on MedStartr. MedStartr has already received coverage in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many publications as it's filling an important void.

My request to you: Please take 2 minutes and go to our Avado page and read about it (if you'd like) and click on the "Back this project" button. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow a $0 contribution or I'd ask for that. The minimum is $1. It's not about the money but the signal of support that is important. This will help us win the contest for the most supporters which will help us. Of course, if you'd like a signed t-shirt, fitbit, itouch or ipad, we'd love your support (details at the link). In the process, this will also foster much-needed innovation in healthcare.

Thanks so much! I rarely, if ever, send these types of emails and appreciate your patience/consideration. If nothing else, this gives you a quick update on what I'm up to...

Dave Chase
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