Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lab for Web 2.0 publishers?

I have a friend that has a nice business focused on a local market – Sun Valley,Idaho (yes, the famous ski resort). With the plethora of Web 2.0 services coming out, it struck me that some of those Web 2.0 might want to showcase their services on a site that gets disproportionate visibility to the size of its local market since it’s by far the #1 site for Sun Valley and is visited by both visitors and residents. The visitors are a virtual who’s who of the VC and corporate world (not to mention Hollywood). I’m certain they’d be open to testing some things out whether it was an end-user service or a back-end technology. Perhaps one of the companies that Michael Arrington has highlighted on TechCrunch. If you know a company that would like to highlight their service on a local information site, let me know (see my profile for my contact info). As an added bonus, they can write off a trip to Sun Valley since it will be business. With the dumps of snow Sun Valley has been getting this winter, that isn’t a bad thing. Here’s a pic from near the top of the mountain on a typical day.


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