Friday, May 27, 2005

Signature Destinations Club advisory board meeting

From time to time, I participate in my client's advisory boards. Unfortunately, not all are as productive as the one I participated in yesterday. Not only were the 2 co-founders great about having a tight agenda and sticking to it, they've done a nice job of selecting their advisory board. The best of these boards have diverse experiences that are brought to the table but with personalities that focused, driven and fun to work with. While it's relatively easy to find the right backgrounds to complement each other, finding the "softer" skills really makes a big difference. While there were plenty of areas where there wasn't unanimity, the make-up of the group was to pull the best from everyone's ideas to come up with something that was better than any one person could have come up with.

The members of the advisory board include the following people:

Nice job Chad & Brian!

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