Friday, July 08, 2005

Open source marketing -- Sugarshots campaign

On an earlier post, I introduced my notion of an Open Source Marketing campaign. iMedia has taken that idea and run with it. The latest article in the series starts to expand what's been done thus far from a focus on media to a broader marketing focus. Since the kick-off of the first campaign with Sugarshots, momentum has picked up including feedback from two people who have talked up Open Source Marketing. Joseph Jaffe who mentions Open Source Marketing in his Life after the 30-second spot book that is climbing the charts of business book sales and James Chertoff who coined the term in his Open Source Marketing manifesto. The article ends with a shout-out to Joseph, James Chertoff and Steve Rubel (who has also spoken of Open Source Marketing and Open Source Press Releases) to weigh in with their thoughts. Hopefull Joseph, James, Steve and others do this along with many others (that includes you).

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