Thursday, February 16, 2006

Behind the scenes at the Torino Olympics

One of my clients has a local site (a potential lab of Web 2.o services) that launched blogs in the Fall. They have been well received (even stirring up some controversy in the local elections in November). One of the locals in Sun Valley happens to be one of the top 1-2 experts in the World for the Ice Dancing discipline of Figure Skating (my wife is a figure skating fanatic so I know a scary amount about skating for someone who doesn't skate). He is blogging from Torino. His first post is up with more on the way. These pics are a sample of his behind the scenes reports on the blog. One is of the NBC Today Show set while the other is a Dutch skating fanatic (note the skate on his helmet). My wife and I are admitted Olympics junkies -- it's just about the only TV we watch and are even renting a DVR for the Olympics further confirming my belief that traditional 30-second spots are dead.

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