Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sucking down more important than sucking up

Tips from Guy Kawasaki remind me of #11 on my list of Uncle Bill's words of wisdom he shared upon his retirement after a successful 46 year career as a "new products" guy.

#11 Never trust a person who is Dr. Jekyll to those above him and Mr./Ms. Hyde to those under him. Click here for the rest of Uncle Bill's list.

The one from Guy's list I believe in the most is...
8. Rack up the karmic points. I believe that there's a karmic scoreboard in the sky. It keeps track of how many points you've earned and how many you've used. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to help others, do so--and do so with glee. You'll build up points, and someday your kindness will be returned to you. However, understand that you need to accrue these points before you need them--you cannot go negative.

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