Saturday, October 15, 2005

10 Steps to a Hugely Successful Web 2.0 Company

Union Square Ventures recently turned their website into a blog/conversation. One of their first posts is on building successful Web 2.0 companies. I highlighted a few of my favorites below. Go to the post for more color commentary and to see the complete list.

  • Solve the smallest possible problem (that is still big enough to matter) for the user and know exactly what problem you're trying to solve.
  • Get a responsive and chatty audience using the product.
  • Launch. Now. Tomorrow. Every day.
  • Distribute. Distribute. Distribute. Don't force your users to play on your site in a walled garden. Let them take the service and use it wherever they want.
  • Be mindnumbingly simple. Extra clicks are deadly.
  • Don't waste any money on marketing. I don’t think I’d go this far but I’d get pretty darn close. Doing a few smart things with PR, for example, may cost some money.

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