Sunday, October 02, 2005

Enterprise Sales Learning Curve Assessments

As readers of this blog know, my firm (Altus Alliance) established a relationship with Mark Leslie who has fathered the Enterprise Sales Learning Curve (ESLC). Not too long ago, I provided an update on progress on getting the word out on this ground-breaking thought process. One of the challenges that we saw when we initially heard Mark go through his presentation and read his whitepaper (PDF) was how to put his thinking into action.

One of my partners (Dave Jones -- industry veteran who cut his teeth at IBM, got Oracle into the enterprise space in the late 80's and then played startup exec roles and served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for a VC before starting Altus) has taken the lead in building an offering that would be high impact for our clients without breaking their finite banks. He's architected an Assessment project that helps startup businesses accelerate hitting their revenue inflection point . He just led another one that wrapped up recently. I'll let his clients do the honors on the impact of those "ESLC Assessment" projects. [I try to limit marketing puffery on this blog but it's nice to see one of my partners knock it out of the park]

"We had recently begun our go-to-market stage of growth and commissioned Altus Alliance to complete an ESLC Assessment to help us optimize our revenue processes. Through their comprehensive interview and analysis process, and their extensive individual business experiences they brought real value to me and my team. The ESLC assessment process was very thorough, thought provoking, and non-disruptive, while the benefit of identifying key revenue and learning leverage points was tangible and actionable."

Nosa Omoigui, CEO -- Nervana (startup in the “semantic search” space)

“Altus Alliance was asked to conduct an ELSC engagement with us to support our efforts to identify and improve key points of revenue leverage within our marketing, product and sales organizations, and to help us determine the merits of new market entry versus other potential uses of funds. The process results were insightful and actionable. They hit it out of the park”

Tim Bauman, COO -- SM&A (a $80mm public firm in SoCal)

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